St. Andrew’s – Vittoria

October Greetings from Friends at St. Andrew’s

The season of fall and Thanksgiving has arrived again. The cycle continues – another sign of God’s steadfastness. The vivid colours are a visible sign of all the bounties He has bestowed upon us. Like a rainbow, we can associate each colour with His gifts. Red – the deep shade we see in zinnias and apples. Orange – pumpkins and the turning leaves. Yellow – squash and sugar maple leaves. Green – beans, peppers and evergreens. Blue – clearer skies as humidity lessens. Purple – grapes and eggplant. And then the hues we do not see in a rainbow. Brown – dried corn and soybeans. Grey – bleak skies and storm clouds. Black – overcast night sky. White – caps on waves. Happy Fall and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

This is the season of hurricanes and typhoons. Even Canada suffers from remnants of southern storms. Our thoughts and prayers go out for the victims of the severe weather we have seen around the world. Reports of devastation, destruction and deaths remind us of our need to be better informed and more active regarding climate change and the impact our actions have. We are stewards of this earth and as such we are her caretakers.

You are invited to join us at St. Andrew’s every Sunday at 11 am. Our worship leaders for October are as follows:
October 2 Phyllis Buchner, WL
October 9 Rev. Brian Elder, Thanksgiving Sunday and Communion
October 16 Rev. Brian Elder
October 23 Rev. Brian Elder
October 30 Phyllis Buchner, WL

Please note that this posting will be the final one from St. Andrew’s United, Vittoria. We send our love and prayers to all of you. Our invitation to join us is always open.

As always, God bless you and keep you in His care

1557 Old Brock St, Vittoria, Ontario N0E 1W0

Contact: Evelyn Stone 519-426-6873

Music Director: Hugh McArthur

Sunday Worship: 11:00 am