Reflections and Readings

Welcome to May 2022

Scriptures, special days

and invitations to brief reflections and prayers.

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Welcome to May 2022, Scriptures and Special Days
Scripture from Song of Solomon 2: 11-13
For lo, the winter is past. The rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth;
The time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land. (NKJV)

May 1, 3rd Sunday of Easter
Acts 9: 1-20 (Going to Damascus)
John 21: 1-19 (Jesus appears to the disciples)

Point to Ponder: Sometimes it feels as if no matter what we try it does not work. The fishers had no luck and Jesus offered – try fishing on the other side. Do we get stuck doing the same old in the same old way with the same results?
Try a different attitude, a different perspective and be prepared for amazing results.

Pause and Pray: For those who are on a new journey to new places.

May 3, Ramadan ends – Tuesday

May 5, Red Dress Day – Thursday
People across North America hang red dresses in private and public spaces to remember missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls and in solidarity with family members and loved ones.

May 8, 4th Sunday of Easter, Mother’s Day, Good Shepherd Sunday
Acts 9: 35-43 (Peter raises Tabitha/Dorcas to life)
John 10: 22-30 (My sheep listen to my voice)

Point to Ponder: Dorcas and her friends did good works. How can we offer ourselves and our works to others?

Pause and Pray: No matter the circumstances we are never alone. The One who calls us is ever near. Our word list should include: listen, stop, silence, and prayer.

May 15, 5th Sunday of Easter,
Revelation 2: 1-6 (New heaven/new earth)
John 13: 31-35 (A new commandment: love one another)

Point to Ponder: Love: adore, care for, friendship, fondness, passion, respect, value, compassion, appreciate – just a few of the ways we follow this new commandment.
What other words/emotions can you add to the word list?

Pause and Pray: We pray for those we know, friends and those we love but, we also have the opportunity to pray for those who make us uneasy, uncomfortable, wary. Who are difficult to pray for? Now may be the time.

May 22, 6th Sunday of Easter and Rural Life Sunday
Everyone should have enough to eat, no matter where they live. Unfortunately, climate change, conflict, and growing inequality around the world means that the most vulnerable people don’t have enough food.

Acts 16: 9-15 (Paul, Lydia and the women by the river)

John 14: 23-29 (The Holy Spirit will come to teach)

Point to Ponder: Lydia and the women at the river remind us of the Spiritual ‘Down to the river to pray’ “Oh, sisters, let’s go down, let’s go down.
Come on down. Oh sisters, let’s go down. Down to the river to the river to pray.’’

Pause and Pray: Do we pray for others, pray for self, pray for forgiveness, pray for guidance, offer our thankfulness? As we go thru the week recognize how often you pray.

May 23 Victoria Day – Monday
Pause and pray for the safety of all who travel, swim, boat, vacation this long weekend.

May 26 Ascension Day – Thursday
Acts 1: 1-11 (The ascension of Jesus)

May 29 7th Sunday of Easter, International Day of UN Peacekeepers
Acts 16: 16-34 (Paul and Silas are freed from prison)
John 17: 20-26 (Jesus prays that they all may be one)

Point to Ponder: The Latin words on the United Church of Canada crest “ut omnes unum sint’’ mean ‘that all may be one’, – taken from John 17:21
In the context of this 4th wave, 5th wave, or 6th wave we have become wary again of others. In our masking and sanitizing remember we do this for others as well as for ourselves. We are One.

Pause and Pray: There are many who are in need of our prayers this month.
The fire fighters, EMS, PSW, students, teachers, bus drivers, crossing guards, hospitality folk, political leaders as well as our neighbours and our families.
Spring and summer invites many into situations they have not encountered since 2021. We pray for safety for all.

This season of spring calls us to pause – to look and listen to this renewing and rebirthing season. Enjoy this poem by Henry Adams Parker ‘’Apple Blossoms’’

Is there anything in spring so fair.
As apple blossoms falling through the air?
When from a hill there comes a sudden breeze,
that blows freshly through all the orchard trees.
The petals drop in clouds of pink and white.
Noiseless like snow and shining in the light.
Making beautiful an old stone wall.
Scattering a rich fragrance as they fall.
There is nothing I know of to compare,
with apple blossoms falling thru the air.

May you continue to be blessed and be a blessing to others..
Shalom. Phyllis B.

Daffodils at Church 2022